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String Instrument Repair – Need a fingerboard planed, a soundpost replaced, or a new bridge? Do you have a more serious problem, such as a crack or a sagging fingerboard? We have an internationally trained staff of expert violin makers equipped to give you perfect results on every repair. Please not that since our staff is small, we cannot always accept every repair submitted to us.

Retouch Specialties – Our quiet retouch specialist has gained a wide-spread reputation for his great retouch and varnish work. You will not be disappointed! Please be prepared to leave instruments needing varnish work for an extended period of time. Good varnish work cannot be rushed. 

Bow Rehairing, Repair and Restoration – Metzler Violins is well-known for their superior rehairs. All rehairs are done in-house using the finest Mongolian horsehair and non-invasive traditional bow rehairing techniques.

Violin, viola, and cello bow rehairs cost $120 and it is $150 for bass. All rehairs are "world class", and include a light cleaning of the stick and metal components.  We also can repair most bow damage, including breaks and warpage.  We can make copies of fine French bow frogs, or of entire bows.


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