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About us

The Metzler Violin Shop Story

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Thomas Metzler, President/Founder

Tom gives each customer his full attention in his unhurried, soft spoken style. In 1972, while a violin major at the University of Iowa, Tom decided to pursue his dream of being a violin maker. He headed for Mittenwald, Germany where he studied German until an opening became available at the Bavarian State Trade School for Violin Making, from which he received a degree in 1976.

After a three-year apprenticeship with Hans Weisshaar, Tom Metzler and David Rivinus opened a small shop in a second-floor walk-up in Glendale, California. In 1983 they moved the shop to its present location, and David Rivinus left the business shortly after to concentrate on instrument making.

Pandora (Panda)Shop Greeter, and all-round goodest girl


Barbara Don, Co-owner

Barbara was one of Tom's first customers.  A graduate of Pomona College and a freelance violinist, Barbara rented a room from the violin shop in order to have a violin teaching studio. Tom and Barbara were married in 1983 and Barbara joined the business to help Tom when his partner left. 

She saw the need in Los Angeles for a sheet music shop specializing in bowed string instruments, so over a twelve year period she built a first-rate collection of string sheet music, which is now available here on this WebStore and at our Glendale location.

Click here for more information about her violin teaching.



Wesley, Manager

When you call the Metzler Violin Shop, or walk in the front door, the helpful young man you encounter is most likely Wesley!  A graduate of UC Davis, Wesley is a talented violinist, aspiring violin maker, and a wonderful father of two adorable and rambunctious boys.


Emily, Office Manager and Events Coordinator

Emily is a Australian native who moved to New Zealand when she was 7. After receiving an offer to pursue her Masters in Classical Performance (Voice) from UCLA in 2015 she moved to Los Angeles, and has been here ever since. She loves to coordinate shop events, such as our successful American Makers Exhibition, and in addition also maintains the extensive Sheet Music Department. 


Zack, Sales Associate (Cello Specialist)

Zack is a professional cellist in Los Angeles and joined the Metzler staff in the summer of 2020. As a performer, he has help leadership positions with the Oklahoma Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra and the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra and was a founding member of the Altius Quartet. He is also a dedicated teacher and has taught at institutions such as Oklahoma City University, University of Colorado-Boulder, Denver School of the Arts, and Boulder Valley Waldorf School, while also maintaining his own private studio. He loves spending time getting to know the cellos and bows in the shop, and is dedicated to finding the perfect instrument for our customers.

For more info about Zack's performing and teaching, visit www.zackreaves.com


Julia, Sales Associate 

Julia is the younger of Tom and Barbara’s two daughters. She is a violinist, but is mostly focused on her career as an opera singer. Julia holds a Master’s of Music in Opera from UCLA, and a Bachelor's of Music from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. When not performing she assists with sales and customer service at the violin shop.





Teru, Violin Repair and Restoration 

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Teru came to the U.S. in 1988 to study violin making at the Chicago Violin Making School. After graduating in 1992, Teru came to work for the Metzler Violin Shop.

He has over 25 years experience in restoration and repair and has earned a local reputation for his tremendous skill in varnish retouching.



ShawnBow Repair and Restoration

Here to take care of all of your bow needs, Shawn is also an accomplished violinist!

For the fastest service, please make an appointment in advance for your bow work. 

Available days for bow rehair and repair work are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.