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Our rental program is one of our most popular services, and is designed for beginning students and visiting professionals alike. It’s a great way to try a string instrument for a few months with no major commitment. Visiting cellists love to rent an instrument instead of hassling with their instrument on an aircraft. It is also a way to purchase an instrument and stretch out the payments a little with our easy “rent-to-buy” program. Our rentals can range in size from a 1/16 violin outfit to an adult size cello.

Please read all the details below. If you wish to rent an instrument, save some time by preparing in advance for your visit to the Metzler Violin Shop by following these simple instructions:

Read all the details below so you fully understand our rental program.
1. Download and print out our “ Rental Agreement” PDF . Filling out this form in advance will save time when you visit out shop.
2. Download and print out our “ Rental Rates & Policies” PDF . This sheet should answer most of your questions about the program.
3. Download and print out the “ Protection Plan and Care Instructions” PDF, which addresses the Care & Maintenance of Bowed String Instruments in some detail.                                               

4. Download and print these two PDFs:  "Rentals by Mail"  &  "Instrument Packing/Shipping Checklist" If you wish to have your rental violin or viola shipped to your home anywhere in the continental United States. 

When you arrive at the Metzler Violin Shop you can expect the rental process to take about 20 to 40 minutes. We will determine the correct size, select an instrument, finish the paper-work, and discuss with you the care of the instrument, optional insurance, available teachers, if interested, and recommended accessories, such as shoulder rests, music stands, sheet music and tuners/metronomes. We will make a photocopy of your driver’s license and/or passport, as well as two credit/debit cards in lieu of a security deposit. All of our rentals renew automatically to one of your charge cards at the end of each rental period, so please note on your calendar the renewal date for your rental in case you wish to return or purchase the instrument.

Instrument Value 1-2 days 1 week 1 month 3 months
Violin Outfit < $600 35 45 60 90
Violin or Viola Outfit < $800 50 60 80 120
Violin or Viola Outfit < $1,000 60 75 100 150
Violin or Viola Outfit < $1,200 75 90 120 180
Violin, Viola, or Cello Outfit < $1,500 90 105 140 210
Cello Outfit < $1,800 110 125 165 250
Cello Outfit < $2,100 125 140 180 275
Cello Outfit < $2,500 135 150 200 325
Cello Outfit < $3,000 180 195 260 390
BAM Cello Flight Cover < $1,000 140 165 220 330
Cello Case with BAM Cover < $2,000 280 370 440 660
Bow < $600 40 60 90 120
Bow (during rehair) < $600 0 0 90 120

Rent-To-Own Policy: We will apply 100% of your first three months' rent toward the purchase of the rented item, or toward the purchase of any other instrument or bow of equal or greater value. This special offer applies only if that item is purchased immediately at the end of the first 3-month rental period.

If you choose to continue renting for a longer period, and then decide to purchase, we will credit you with 50% of all your cumulative rent toward the purchase of the rented item, or toward the purchase of any other instrument or bow of equal or greater value.

Security Deposit: Metzler Violins requires that two valid credit card (or debit card) numbers be left with us as a security deposit. If you have only one credit card, we will require additional information, such as a checking account number, passport number, and social security number. We cannot rent to those with no credit card. By signing our rental agreement you agree to allow us to charge future rentals to these card numbers.

Rental Renewals: All rentals will automatically be charged to one or more of the credit cards numbers you have provided us on the renewal date of the rental. If you wish to pay by check or cash, your payment must reach us before the renewal date. It is your responsibility to get payment to us on time, and to insure that the credit card numbers you have given us will be approved. Returned checks are subject to a $35 charge.

Damage to Rented Items: We have a comprehensive Protection Plan program which, for a modest fee, will absolve you from liability for any damage to the rented instrument or bow, except for broken strings and theft. Otherwise, we will note the condition of the instrument, bow, and case at the time the items are first rented. They must be returned to Metzler at the end of the rental period in the same condition as when received. If damage is noted, a repair and/or devaluation charge will be due at this time, and may be charged to your credit cards on file, unless other payment forms are authorized. You, the renter, are responsible for excessive wear, warped or broken bridges, damaged or very dirty varnish, broken or worn strings, and stretched, dirty, or thinned-out bow hair, as well as for more obvious damage such as scratches, cracks, dents, chips, and broken bows. We must also charge for any stickers or tapes, or their residue, left on the rented instrument, bow, or case. You must not attempt any repairs yourself on equipment rented from Metzler Violins, nor have any other person or shop repair our equipment without our permission.


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