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How it Works

Earn one point for every dollar spent on most purchases in store or online (please see exclusions below). Points can be redeemed for a wide variety of rewards, ranging from rosin, to strings, to gift cards. We will also offer varying seasonal rewards and specials throughout the year, especially for Friends of the Shop! When using points online, customers can only redeem for a monetary discount, not for free merchandise.

Rewards Menu & Perks

Rewards Points
Metzler 4B Pencil 30 points
Metzler Chinrest Key 150 points
Boveda Starter Pack 400 points
Viola Alphayue Strings 1000 points
Free rehair 2000 points
Cello Versus Solo Set 7500 points
Metzler Magic Rosin 300 points
Violin Alphayue Strings 550 points
Metzler Polish Pencil 100 points
Viola Dominant Set 2250 points
Violin Dominant Set 1750 points
$5 off any purchase 125 points
$10 off any purchase 250 points
$50 off any purchase 1250 points
$100 off any purchase 2500 points


Sign up in store on online here. Be sure to use your mobile number to make use of all features of Friends of the Shop. Once finished, you will receive a text message to confirm your signup.

To monitor your balance and view current reward offers, log into our website at https://www.metzlerviolins.com. You can also log into http://metzlerviolins.getreup.com.

At this time, points can only be redeemed online for discounts, not merchandise. We are working on implementing our entire menu of rewards for use both online and in-store. For the time being, please give us a call at 818-246-0278.

You earn 1 point per dollar for all purchases at Metzler's, excluding the following: instruments, bows, labor, rentals, shipping, and protection plan.

Please give us a call at 818-246-0278, or email us at [email protected], and we will retroactively credit your account.

No they do not.

We may offer a special birthday gift to our Friends of the Shop, so enter your birthday if you'd like to receive a reward on your birthday!

We will offer varying seasonal rewards and specials to our Friends of the Shop. Friends will also be the first to know of new products and happenings at the Metzler Violin Shop!

We will never, and have never, share(d) your information with any third-party. We take our privacy policy very seriously.

Points cannot be transferred to another Friend. However, if you have a school program or non-profit who is a Friend of the Shop, we will gladly transfer you balance to their account.

Please email us here, or give us a call at 818-246-0278.

Terms & Conditions

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