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Yamaha Silent Electric Cello SVC50, with removeable knee & chest supports

Yamaha Silent electric Cello SVC50, with removeable knee & chest supports, Black, with bag.

Yamaha designers worked together with some of the world's greatest cellists to create the SVC-50. The talent of these artists is reflected in their beautiful warm tone and comfortable playability. The SVC-50 plays and sounds so similar to a fine acoustic cello, that players will find it surprisingly expressive and comfortable to use. They will also appreciate being able to practice whenever, and wherever they want thanks to the "silent" function. The SVC-50 was created for easier portability, and feature a slim design with removable SVC-50 leg supports. Despite it’s convenience, the instrument offers rich, beautiful characteristic cello tone and is capable of great expression.

The SVC-50 features a simple, solid body. Leg supports are a single unit design that is easily removed from the instrument's main body.

The Silent Cello is equipped with Aux-In, Line Out and Headphone Jacks. Connect a CD player, MD player or cassette deck to the input jack to play along with your favorite recordings. This is an extremely useful feature when practicing. With the output jack connected to a P.A., or external audio system, you can perform live, or use the internal reverb to hear yourself in different virtual performance environments.

Built-in Reverb
Three onboard reverb presets simulate the acoustics of a practice room, recital hall, or cathedral.

Feels, plays, and sounds like a traditional cello, making transition to and from an acoustic cello intuitively natural. Lightweight and very easy to transport.

Item # SVC-50SK
Model: WA47550
UPC # 086792723938
EAN 4957812056373