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Yamaha EV-205 Electric Violin 5-string

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The Electric Violin series were designed with the performer in mind. They deliver a big, expressive sound with enough power to be heard in any band yet still maintaining the beautiful characteristic tone of the violin. Yamaha designers and engineers worked together with leading musicians to create the kind of instruments which can inspire great performances.

Solid Body Design
The Electric Violin's body is a one-piece design crafted from a block of solid Maple. Just as on an electric guitar this design offers a stable yet resonant body which contributes to the powerful sound of the violin. The soundboard is a single piece of Maple extending from the neck down to the chin rest. With the bridge resting on the soundboard it simulates the top of an acoustic violin causing soundboard and body to resonate adding just the right amount of warmth to the tone.

Advanced Pickup System
The pickup system consists of individual sensors for each string, mounted in a specially designed bridge. Each sensor is housed inside a pendulum upon which the string rests at the bridge. This system creates an extremely large signal – so large in fact that it needs no preamp to boost its output level. You can plug directly into a guitar amplifier and get a broad and powerful electric tone straight away.

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