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Alexanian,Diran:Complete Cello Technique-The Classic Treatise
Author Diran Alexanian played chamber music with Brahms, performed concertos with Mahler, and taught alongside Pablo Casals in Paris. A superb compendium of instruction, this reprint of the original dual-language edition features French and English instruction side by side on the page, complemented by numerous photographs, diagrams, and music examples. 1922 edition.
Unabridged republication of the work originally published by A. Zunz Mathot, Paris, 1922.

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Publisher: Dover Publications
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Sample Page

Table Of Contents
CONTENTSPreface 3The Violoncello 5The way of holding the Violoncello 10The wag of holding the Bow 10Preparation for the use of the Bow 14Definition of certain terms, signs and technical abreviations 17First long drawn tones 17Change of string on change of bow 21Preparation concerning the use of the left hand 23Exercises to render the fingers supple 23first disposition of the left hand 24Jumping with the bow over one or two strings to another 30The "Legato" 33Change of strings on the same stroke of the bow 36Exercises of percussion 39Exercises for developing the strength of the fingers of the left hand 42Exercises to develop the independence of the fingers 43Second disposition of the left hand 44Preparatory exercises for the mixed use of the first two dispositions 49The changing of place of the left hand at the neck of the Violoncello 50Exercises for "mixed" changing of place 51Exercises for all kinds of change of place 59Arpeggios with the augmented fifth 62Diminished sevenths 2Modifications of the disposition of the left hand 62Third disposition of the left hand 64Major scales 66Minor melodic and harmonic scales 68Chromatic scale 72Whole-tone scales 72Rapid alternations between two given strings, and then between 3 and 4 strings 74Chords 81Intensities, Qualities of done, Accents 88The Vibrato 96Study of the Trill 97The Pizzicato 98The harmonics of the neck 103"Artificial" harmonics 113Mixed use of the natural and artificial harmonics 114Anomalies (Harmonics) 117The Study of double nodes 117Mixed exercises for the combined use of double strings of several kinds 122Natural and artificial double harmonics 122Exercises in double strings with one part trilled 122Articulated trill 122Vibrated drills 124Articulated double-trills 124Vibrated double-trills 124Preparation for the use of the nut-thumb 125Arpeggios with partial changes of place on a single degree 135Study of combined changes of place 139Exercise to acquire ease in the creeping movement of the thumb 142Preparation for complete changes of place 143Mixed use of the 4 dispositions 155Irregular extensions 158The harmonics of the "thumb-position" 162Single. string exercises 164Artificial harmonics of the thumb position 165Anomalies. (Harmonics of the thumb position) 171Scales and double-notes of the thumb position 172Octaves 175Thirds 180Sixths 184Tenths 201Double-notes of the neck alternating with those of the thumb-position 202The "spiccato" and the "saltellato" or "sautill" 203The "Gettato" or "Flying Staccato". The "Staccato" 210To finish 215

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