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Anna Sandys 16 1/8” viola (#25), 2007, Portland, USA

CODE: VA16~S171-2
This instrument is part of the Los Angeles Contemporary Violin & Bow Maker 2018 Exhibition & Sale.

Anna Sandys was born and raised in the California and attended UC Santa Cruz where she
studied Anthropology and visual arts. An interest in american fiddle music and folk art led Anna to
an apprenticeship in a Vermont violin shop where she built cigarbox
fiddles using parts
scavenged from damaged instruments.
Deciding to pursue lutherie, Anna studied violin making under Kevin Kelly at the North Bennet
Street School of Boston and graduated from the program in 2001. While in Boston, Anna had the
opportunity to apprentice under Arthur Toman, learning repair, restoration, and furthering her violin
making skills. While working in Toman’s shop she had the good fortune to observe many fine
instruments in the hands of their masters.
In 2006, Anna returned to the west coast where she relocated her shop to Portland, Oregon.
Anna has participated in the Oberlin Summer Violin Makers Workshop several times, and has
traveled abroad for exhibitions as well as participated in national lutherie events.