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3D Sound 2 Hole “Reliability” Viola Mute by Wiessmeyer, USA

3D Sound 2 Hole “Reliability” Viola Mute by Wiessmeyer, USA

Wiessmeyer mutes use CAD and 3D printing to make superior-sounding mutes with lighting fast on/off positioning. The weight and material composition of all mutes are finely tuned so that they exhibit the flexibility and fit of natural rubber while retaining the desirable acoustic qualities traditionally associated with more expensive mutes made using natural materials.

We offer three designs, each with unique tonal qualities: Two re-imagined patent-pending models based on the classic Tourte-style mutes and one newly patented three-position design. Wiessmeyer mutes are available in Amethyst Purple, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Amber Orange, Diamond White and Onyx Black.